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Pro Weld Products

Why Choose Pro Weld Products?

Pro Weld is the manufacturer of Thunder Cages, but that is only one of their divisions.  Pro Weld, Inc. is an award-winning family owned structural steel company based in Southern Oregon.  Pro Weld products are all 100% American made, and they are the highest quality available.  From custom metal gates structural projects and steel fabrication we can do it!
Shortly after founding the welding company, the Oberlanders designated Penny as the primary business owner for her leadership capacity and to distinguish the welding company as a Woman Owned Small Business and Emerging Small Business operating in Medford, Oregon.  The combination of welding experience, fabrication equipment, and stainless steel knowledge helps tackle the most challenging fabrication problems customers can provide. The shop has a sum of 150 years of welding experience and metal expertise.

Image from 2005 of the Oberlanders who won the 2005 “Excellence in Family Business” awarded by OSU’s Austin Family Business Program by the Oregon Governor.

Iron Horse BBQ

Pro Weld has another division to there company that manufactures high quality custom barbecue grills called Iron Horse BBQ, Inc. These BBQ grills have an original look, and they are easy to move around to different sites.  One of our most popular products is the Santa Fe Style Cattleman’s BBQ Grill which is shown bellow.
Cattleman's BBQ Grills

The Santa Fe Cattleman’s BBQ Grill is sturdy enough to roast a whole pig!


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