MMA pro cage is built to last

Pro MMA Cages

Pro MMA Cages

Every aspect of our MMA cages has been carefully thought out and engineered to provide a quality product for our customers.  We are the designer and the manufacturer and have engineered every cage using our Computer Aided Design program.  Our MMA Thunder Cages are built for competitions and also are able to withstand the abuse they will receive on a day to day basis while being used in your gym.   We use only the highest quality in steel, fencing, foam, and vinyl.  From day one, our cages have always been designed with the bottom fence rail just under the floor level, providing much better viewing for spectators.
MMA Pro Thunder Cage

Every Thunder MMA Cage is built with the highest quality by expert welders at Pro Weld

Here’s what is included with your Pro MMA Thunder Cage:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Cage Frame
  • 6 Foot High 6 gauge Vinyl Coated Fence Panels
  • Polyethylene Closed Cell Foam Floor Padding
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Mat Cover
  • Fence Rail Padding in a High Quality Closed Cell Neoprene Foam
  • Fence Rail Vinyl Covers
  • 2″ Thick Corner Pads covered in Vinyl
  • 1 or 2 Doors Completely Padded
  • Complete Set of Black Skirting
  • Steel Frame Steps that meet Safety Standards
  • 3/4″ Tongue & Groove Plywood Flooring





Pro MMA Cage set up for event

Pro Thunder MMA Cages are the perfect ring for a big event 

Size and Shape Options:

  • 16 Ft. Hexagon Pro MMA Cage: $8,400
  • 18 Ft. Hexagon Pro MMA Cage: $8,900
  • 20 Ft. Hexagon Pro MMA Cage: $9,500
  • 16 Ft. Octagon Pro MMA Cage: $8,600
  • 18 Ft. Octagon Pro MMA Cage: $9,100
  • 20 Ft. Octagon Pro MMA Cage: $9,700
  • 22 Ft. Octagon Pro MMA Cage: $10,400
  • 24 Ft. Octagon Pro MMA Cage: $11,000        


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