MMA floor cages for training

Floor MMA Cages

Floor MMA Cages

Our MMA Floor Cages are built with the same Heavy Duty steel and fencing as our Elevated Pro Cages. We provide you with everything you need for your cage.  We give you a full 2 inches of floor padding and a heavy duty vinyl mat in the color of your choice.  Bottom rail padding is not needed with our cage design.  The bottom fence rail sits below the padding.  We even provide a diagram to cut the closed cell foam exactly to size.  Our Floor Cages simply bolt to the floor easily using a concrete drill motor and drill bit.  Floor Cages can be sold without the foam flooring and vinyl cover, contact us for a FREE Quote!
Our Floor MMA Cages come complete with the following:
  • Complete Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • 6 Foot High 6 gauge Vinyl Coated Fence Panels
  • 2″ Thick 2.0 lb. Polyethylene Closed Cell Floor Padding
  • 18 oz. Vinyl Floor Cover 
  • Top Rail Padding in a Dense Closed Cell Foam
  • Top Rail Vinyl Covers with Velcro Straps
  • 2″ Thick Corner Pads
  • Completely Padded Door 
MMA fighters in a competition

MMA fighters should always compete in the highest quality MMA cage

Size and Shape Options:

  • 14′ Hexagon MMA Floor Cage: $5,600
  • 16′ Hexagon MMA Floor Cage: $5,900
  • 18′ Hexagon MMA Floor Cage: $6,200
  • 20′ Hexagon MMA Floor Cage: $6,700
  • 14′ Octagon MMA Floor Cage: $5,800
  • 16′ Octagon MMA Floor Cage: $6,100
  • 18′ Octagon MMA Floor Cage: $6,400
  • 20′ Octagon MMA Floor Cage: $6,900
  • 22′ Octagon MMA Floor Cage: $7,400
  • 24′ Octagon MMA Floor Cage: $7,900         



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