Thunder MMA Cages can be customized

Cage Customization

Cage Customization

Thunder MMA Cage customization will fit any of your needed specifications.  Whether you need a specific size, shape, materials, or color of cage the welding experts at Pro Weld have you covered.  Call us with your specifications and we will give you a FREE Quote on your custom cage!  Whether the purpose of your MMA cage is for training or sporting events we can meet your needs.

Cage Panels

cage panel with door

MMA cage panel with a door

cage panel without padding

MMA cage panel without padding

Our Thunder Cage Panels come in 8 foot lengths and are 6 feet high.  We can make them angled or in a straight row.  We can also customize the panels to fit your needs. Call us with your gym dimensions and we’ll design a plan that works for your space using our CAD program at no extra charge! Each panel is made with the same black heavy duty vinyl coated fencing we use on our cages.  Our Cage Panels come complete with everything you need:

  • 6 gauge Vinyl Coated Fence Panels
  • Rail Pads w/ Vinyl Covers for top of fence
  • Bottom Pads provided if needed depending on your floor pad thickness
  • 12″ x 73″ Vinyl Covered Post Pads

Polyethylene Foam Flooring can be provided for an additional charge.  The Cage Panels are designed to securely bolt to the floor with an impact drill and concrete bolts. There are multiple panel options to choose from:

  • MMA Thunder Cage Panel #1
    MMA Cage Installation

    Thunder MMA Cages can be directly installed into your gym!

    • One 8 Foot Cage Panel with 2 posts: $2,200
  • MMA Thunder Cage Panel #2
    • Two 8 Foot Cage Panels with 3 posts: $2,900
  • MMA Thunder Cage Panel #3
    • Three 8 Foot Cage Panels with 4 posts: $3,700
  • MMA Thunder Cage Panel #4
    • Four 8 Foot Cage Panels with 5 posts: $4,400

Cage Color

Thunder cages can be customized in the color of their mat cover, corner pads, and fence railing pads.  The vinyl color options are red, blue, black, yellow, orange, green, gray, white, and brown.



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