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About Us

Thunder Cages is a division of Pro Weld, a family-owned and operated fabrication company. Its welding experts have served Medford, Oregon and the surrounding communities since 1993. Pro Weld’s fabrication shop strives to apply excellence in welding into every Thunder MMA Cage they manufacture.
Thunder Cages are perfect for MMA and jiu jitsu events

Pro Weld’s welding experts make sure each Thunder Cage is built to take a beating

Our Mission

We take pride in our work at Thunder Cages!  We strive to provide a quality product at an affordable price.  Every aspect of our MMA cage has been carefully thought out and engineered to produce the toughest, strongest, smartest design in the industry.  Customer service and professionalism are very important to us and we enjoy working one on one with our customers to make sure you are satisfied.  If you have a special need, please give us a call, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Thunder Cage Fight Night

Thunder Cages have been used all over the United States for competitions

We manufacture MMA Cages, Boxing Rings, & Cage Panels.  We offer foam padding, wood flooring, vinyl corner and rail pads, and vinyl or canvas floor tarps.  Our MMA Cages come complete with everything you need, including the wood floor, cut to size and ready to go!  We specialize in custom orders and provide the knowledge to help you with any custom configurations using our Computer Aided Design program.  At Thunder Cages we have set the standards for the industry and we have a lifetime guarantee on all welding and steel!
mma cage building

Every Thunder Cage is plotted out to match specifications to ensure a quality product.

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